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Euphrates Mint

Euphrates Mint

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Our Euphrates Mint grows along the banks of the Euphrates River in southern Turkey, one of the oldest agricultural areas in the world. We first came across this mint while visiting Silk Chili and Black Urfa Chili farms in the area, and we were blown away by its sweetness, brightness and intensity. Crumble dried mint leaves into salads, grain dishes and tomato sauces or simply infuse in hot water for a fragrant mint tea.

  • Origin: Gaziantep, Turkey
  • Process: Air-dried
  • Ingredients: Dried mint leaves (Mentha piperita)
  • Tasting notes: Peppermint • Lavender • Fresh-cut grass


  • Makes a beautiful mint tea
  • Add to pesto, chutneys, or curries
  • Great in meat rubs for chicken and lamb
  • Chickpea Sumac Salad

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