From Cocoa to Commerce: Inside the Rise of Our Bespoke Gifting Service

Chocolate became our full-time obsession in 2019 when we took our passion for it online expanding the reach of our west end Toronto retail store (est. 2015) into a North America wide showcase for all things cacao. As soon as we went digital, requests for gift ideas started pouring in. It seemed our customers wanted to connect and they had plenty of suggestions on how, from heartfelt care packages to ambitious corporate ventures. Inspired by this support, we saw an opportunity. With our combination of business experience, and fanatical love for great design, we knew we could start something special: A bespoke gifting service that creates impactful experiences in a way digital platforms just can’t do.

Since then we've built an incredible network of partners to help bring this vision into being. From logistics powerhouses, to printers who transform our most challenging designs into something real (often in a crunch!). They enable our team to deliver projects at any scale, bringing ideas to life that help bridge the geographical gap between the sender and recipient.

We've come a long way since our humble beginnings, embracing new processes, fostering collaboration, and, of course, challenging ourselves with new designs. But through it all, one thing remains constant: The customer obsessed approach we’ve had since selling our first chocolate bar in 2015.