Since 2015, we've been on a mission to transform food shopping (and gifting) from routine chore to treasure hunt.


It began with a storefront in a lively Toronto neighborhood where to this day, we showcase products that inspire a sense of discovery while being selected based on three criteria: quality of taste, innovative design and the origin story of the makers who crafted them (ie. It's got to be compelling!). It's with this finer-products focus that Savorly.ca was expanded into the online space, and we haven't looked back since. With flagship collections like CHOCOLATE, COCKTAILS, SAUCES and SPICE, it has become one of Canada's go to sites for taste aficionados to seek out the kind of foods you can't find in a grocery store.

From the beginning we received numerous requests for gift boxes, from heartfelt care packages between distant friends to large corporate orders requiring hundreds of branded parcels. We realized that our unique product selection and experience in running a successful business provided all the elements for a dynamic white-glove gifting service. Since then we've partnered with a network of printers, suppliers and couriers that enable our team to pull off magic tricks when it comes to delivering orders. And we do it while maintaining the accessible, friendly approach we have been offering customers since we sold our first chocolate bar back in 2015.


So go ahead - browse deep and discover your new favorite treats, or send a friend a delicious gift they're sure to enjoy. If you represent a team, let's start something that makes you the company hero while we take care of the heavy lifting. Either way, we guarantee we'll deliver something worth savoring.


          Above: Popbox Mrkt. circa 2015, West End Toronto.