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Forest Garden Vanilla - 82% Dark Chocolate Bar

Forest Garden Vanilla - 82% Dark Chocolate Bar

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A bar of decadent dark chocolate mellowed with whole vanilla pods ground into the bar. Chocosol adds a crunch with roasted cacao nibs sprinkled on the back. This chocolate is one of their highest cacao percentage bars and has become a crowd favourite.

The name 'Forest Garden Vanilla' represents the connection between vanilla and cacao. These vanilla vines grow on, and amongst the forest garden cacao trees from where ChocoSol sources cacao. The concept of 'forest gardens' that support clean soil, healthy plants and bio-diversity, are central to their mission and vision of providing ethically sourced, sustainable cacao foods. 

Ingredients: Roasted cacao nibs, raw cane sugar, cacao butter, whole vanilla bean.

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