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Red Jalapeno Chili Flakes

Red Jalapeno Chili Flakes

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Unlike most jalapeño peppers, which are picked while still green, these "El Jefe" variety jalapeño peppers are allowed to ripen on the vine, where they turn bright red and sweet. They're medium-hot and perfect for cooking or garnishing, in a tomato sauce, with eggs or on fresh fruit.

  • Origin: Santa Cruz, California
  • Aliases: Chipotle (unsmoked)
  • Heat level: 7,500-10,000 Scoville units
  • Process: Sun-dried & ground
  • Ingredients: 100% Capsicum annuum v. Jalapeño
  • Tasting notes: Summer Tomato • Sugar Cane • High Burn


  • Season grilled meat or veggies for a bright spiciness
  • Sprinkle over dips like baba ghanoush and hummus
  • Add to chocolate and fruit for a sweet/spicy kick!


    The peppers are grown by Fire Tongue Farms in the cool, coastal climate of Santa Cruz, CA. The farmers Ryan and Levon specialize in growing chili peppers of all shapes and sizes, and they are dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment on and around their farmland, rotating between grazing sheep and growing peppers. You can taste the difference!

    Their work builds healthy soil, prevents erosion, protects wildlife habitats and conserves water and other resources.

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