Our Mission

What became Savorly.ca in the winter of 2020 was first established in 2015 in Toronto as a brick and mortar store and specialty cafe under the name, Popbox Market (So we have some street cred when it comes to customer service and the art and science of food). 

The concept was driven (and still is) by our passion for the diverse and thriving craft food and beverage scene we saw coming up around us. It’s an ever changing ecosystem of people who married their craft with an entrepreneurial spirit, bringing the products they’ve spent their lives refining to market. 

Counter to this was our growing dissatisfaction with the routine drudgery of the weekly grocery shop. With it’s uninspired products, dizzying varieties and over- representation of industrialized foods, we would leave “paralized by choice” after each visit to these stores only to return to the idea that “less is actually more,” when it comes to variety. We see value in representing a more selective but higher quality of product that covers the three criteria we use to guide our choices with:


Products made with a small batch quality using real ingredients with no chemicals or filler, allowing the pure complexity of it to shine through. 


Beautiful products that capture our interest at a glance.  Visuals are half the experience, so items made with this much care should be wrapped in their absolute best.


The backgrounds of the people behind these collections showcase the DIY entrepreneurialism needed to bring these products to life. They are independent visionaries with a commitment to the process that both engages and inspires.



and the Savorly.ca Makers + Team